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Fimbry #33954
Aug 22 '14


I really wish that a flight wasn’t auto-dominant for their festival. I know it is flight pride and stuff, but hear me out.

The flight in question would probably want to be on top for their own fest. So, they would probably exalt a ton more that week so they could be on top! So, the “flight pride” would benefit the economy, much like the Shadow/Light battle did.

Anybody with me here?

Nope unless you hate fun. It takes a ton of time to put together all of those graphics, games, and prizes. So many things are going on during festivals, it would be very tough to truly run for dominance and plan community activities at the same time. I certainly don’t want festivals to be even less fun over a dom battle we can have another week.

And as others have said, it just seems impolite. I think it’s rather rude to try to steal a holiday.

Aug 21 '14


One thing that happens a lot on this blog is stuff about in-flight drama. Every time I read posts like that, I always think, “God, I hope that’s not Plague.”

Saw a post, had the thought, fly off to check my in flight forums… And it’s plague, this time.

I’ve read through the thread that was mentioned a bit ago, the one where someone had to block someone else for the FIRST TIME on a forum and… I see why. The guy is just DOWNRIGHT insufferable, and I’ve half a mind to block him as well. 

You guys are making me so jealous, this thread sounds good. If I was ever wanting a peek at another private flight forum, it is to see the drama happen.

Aug 21 '14

Oh my god though

oh my


She’s fantastic hnnngg.

This accent, Sun-Kissed, was made by Kitbird!

Aug 20 '14



UM G1 giveaway okay.

Reblog with username and ID. Ends at noon eastern time.

Female: platinum/leaf/white and her ID is 5796982 if you want to mess with it in the scrying workshop.

Left is how she looks, right is a pretty possibility.

DaeSiggil #16143

You won this giveaway! :D I’ll send a CR now.

Aug 20 '14

Another Tail Feather giveaway!





Hello everyone,

I know this is really fast after the last giveaway, but who cares! I had some time on my hands today and got lucky with grabbing some tails. Unfortunatly, I think they look bad on almost all dragon breeds, so I have no use for them and want to get them out of my hoard. There will be 3 winners. Please reblog with your username, ID and the colour you would like to win (lets call them brown, green and orange). I wont make this a long giveaway, so closing this some time after rollover tomorrow on Aug 21. Good luck!


Valley #33126 and brown! ^.^

Snapdragon 27066 and orange, with thanks!

Jerepasaurus #25295 Any color is good! ♥

Oh my! Green! Fimbry 33954

Aug 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

They are doing more genes and breeds though it is just apparel and stuff is released quicker and genes and breeds are being spaced out because they take more work and also to give more time between that kind of content.

Yeah I know they’re big releases, and we just got some nice new genes.

I’m just worried they’re making so much apparel it is going to take ages for new breeds to come out, to the point it might be over after nocturnes. Already so much has to be drawn for Nocturnes, and a lot of apparel for Coatls is still missing! x_x I’m worried a few years down the line, it could be impossible to release a new breed because there is SO MUCH apparel to draw with the rate apparel is being released. Releasing a new pet is very time consuming and takes a lot of work. I think it took us over a month for a team of 3 to re-release a pet (updating the art) on this other site I work for, and this pet didn’t have nearly as much apparel as FR does.

Aug 20 '14


hey guys

I know this is going to blow some of your minds

but the people who make the apparel aren’t the people who fix bugs

and since two of the people who make the apparel own half the site, their art budget allotment can’t be redirected into fixing bugs

shocking, i know, but can we please stop whinging about how they should stop making apparel when there are bugs to be fixed because hey

budgets don’t fucking work like that

I am confused why they don’t have the artists make more breeds and genes though. If there are certain apparel artists, they could be doing apparel art for more breeds instead of new apparel. Would be much more exciting imo.

Aug 20 '14

Already exalted over 100 dragons today. Got AH prices to 3500 again. @u@;;; Trying to keep it there.

Aug 20 '14

1000 seafood points!

99 jumbo shrimp.

Reblog with username and ID number!

Ends at noon eastern time. 2.5 hours from now. :)

Aug 20 '14







Giveaway time!

1000 seafood points! 99 of each.


Reblog with username and ID.

You don’t need to be following me.

Ends in 3.5 hours, 12pm eastern time 8/19!

Have fun. :D

Dutchdragon #8703!

Ninjakitten, #35151! :D

InkstainedGwyn #49957!

kerise #59505!

Dellanir #4997 :)

Dellanir is the winner of this giveaway! I’ll send the seafood over now. :)