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Fimbry #33954
Sep 1 '14

The Arcanist Art Raffle is now OPEN!
This is your chance to win some cool art from our participating artists!
Tickets are only 500T/1G each!
Exalting dragons through our staff also earns tickets!There are even Mini-Drawings every Wednesday and Saturday!
Check it out and reblog to spread the fun!

Check it out, I’m in this too! :D


The Arcanist Art Raffle is now OPEN!

This is your chance to win some cool art from our participating artists!

Tickets are only 500T/1G each!

Exalting dragons through our staff also earns tickets!

There are even Mini-Drawings every Wednesday and Saturday!

Check it out and reblog to spread the fun!

Check it out, I’m in this too! :D

Aug 31 '14

I hope the artist doesn’t mind but BOOSTING THIS. I really want this accent but so far only 2 people (including me) are interested on their thread. I love how pretty the wings are on it.

If you’re interested too, the accent is here:

Aug 31 '14

kratatonic replied to your post: Ah cool the WOTW mentions parasite dra…

are they actual things coded into the game or are they just an rp thing made up by users?

Just an RP thing made by users, tracking to an original parasite. This is their description:


This dragon may look like a perfectly normal dragon of its kind but it is in fact not a dragon at all. It is a parasitic creature that infests dragon eggs and devours the unborn dragon before replacing it with itself. The parasite takes the form of the devoured dragon and hatches in it’s place. It will then flee the nest (Via being sold) and find a new nest where it will attempt to breed with a dragon in this new nest. After this it dies (Exalt it) and the offspring of its union will automatically be parasites themselves.

[How to Play]

Once you buy this dragon you must breed it with another dragon in your nest. After it’s offspring are hatched you copy all of this text into the description of each offspring then exalt the parent parasite. Both offspring must then be sold so the cycle can continue.

Also please post in the thread linked below so we can track the spread of the parasite
Aug 31 '14

Ah cool the WOTW mentions parasite dragons. I have 2 of those hatching in a few days which I’m pretty excited about. :D Does anyone want one? Read the WOTW for info on them.

Aug 31 '14


In response to the ‘love for the skin/accent forum’ post

I get that you like the community and all, but as a new artist I am finding it extremely frustrating. Setting aside the quality of work, it is EXTREMELY hard to get notices, especially with the new thread bumping rules. The threads that stay at the top are the ones owned by ‘popular’ skin/accent artists who get bumped by customers asking questions and the thread owner responding. New threads get pushed out and you can’t get them back without breaking the rules.

With the bumping rules, there’s no incentive to make a single thread for all your sales. Some people post a new thread for each skin because otherwise, no one would bother looking in their sales thread and seeing new stuff. I’m trying really hard not to get sucked into it, but its so tempting. Short of putting links on your profile/signature, there’s no way for a new artist to get people to their thread without getting lucky during their daily bump or breaking the bumping rule :/

I am not the only one struggling with this. I see other new skin/accent artists’ threads slowly sinking to the 2nd or 3rd page without attention, and their skins are just as nice as any others. I try to pop in and give them compliments to help bump them up again, but its still so discouraging trying to get exposure. 

*sigh* Well, back to trying I guess.

When I ran my accent shop the first time I tried to sell accents I went a full 24 hours without interest. The next day I posted my work on Tumblr and by the time I woke up the next morning the pre-orders were all sold out.

Rinse and repeat with my other accents. One accent preorders, in fact, sold out enough within one day for me to submit two batches in in the same period. Or was it 3? I can’t remember.

Anyway I’ve found that the number of sales/interest you get is almost directly proportional to the number of notes and/or likes you get on deviantart. (In fact, some people asked about accents long after the run ended…)

Clearly this has been a while ago: since I gave up on making accents shortly after the ‘new’ approver showed up. I’m not going to buy accent blueprints just to see if my accents are going to be accepted, you know. 

I think the new guy must have gotten the hang of it because he is super fast and clear in his instructions now. I’ve seen him make mistakes, of course, but he is quick to correct it. I absolutely love how fast accents get approved now, and am so glad he’s part of the team. :)

But yes I completely agree that advertising on tumblr (and tagging it with Flight Rising so it appears in the popular tag) first helps, and then linking to your thread. I also keep a link to my accent thread in my signature/profile to help people find my thread, since a lot of people claim it is hard to find with all of the bumping in that forum.

Aug 31 '14

Voting is over, the accent is now called Soulprint!




Click HERE to visit the thread and purchase a slot. Cost per slot is 550 gems or equivalent in treasure, currently approximately 220000t

Boosting for the Zikul

Aug 31 '14


it’s been over a year and i still act slightly surprised and disappointed that festivals end on sunday morning instead of sunday evening.

hah, good thing i got that accent last night….5mins before rollover because i actually thought i could just grab it today.

Me too and I don’t even know why I get confused about it. I completely screwed myself during the end of the lightning festival. Sighhh extra tokens for next year I guess.

Aug 30 '14



Between the release of the scraps of paper detailing some sort of conflict between dragons and the sentient beings of the world of Flight Rising, the armour/battle-oriented holiday apparel, and the “guardian” aspect of the holiday familiars, I’m wondering if the December event will be some sort of battle, possibly even the release of Adventure.

I think it will be another 1-3 years before we see anything that cool. :( I do think they’ll be useful someday though.

Aug 29 '14

FR Artists?


I might need to find two replacement artists for the Arcanist Art Raffle this September, since I haven’t heard anything from them since I started pinging them at the beginning of the month and that’s rather worrying.

I sent them a PM tonight, so hopefully they’ll start paying more attention to their pings, but it doesn’t do anything to help my nerves. :’c 

Do you guys know of any really awesome FR artists I could look into just in case?

Signal boosting~. I know some awesome artists follow this blog. :O

Aug 29 '14


Shout-out to all the skin/accent artists who could easily make all their own skins and accents, but go out there and support other artists by buying theirs <3

Shout-out to the skin/accent forum moderator who answers countless questions and is extremely helpful <3

Shout-out to the older skin artists who are talented and polite <3

Shout-out to the new skin artists who try their damnedest to get noticed and share their stuff with everyone else <3

Gawd I feel so much love for the skin/accent community lately.