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Fimbry's FR blog

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I'll be posting any FR thoughts, babies for sale, etc here.

Fimbry #33954
Sep 19 '14

Current look -> planned look

Man I am excited.

Sep 15 '14


Light gold (shows up better on lighter colors)


AYYYY back from the WIP death pile? Started these back in JULY lol.

Ask about them here in my shop.

Sep 13 '14

Wip gets 17 notes, final gets 2?? SO CONFUSED but I have a full order already so that’s awesome.

Sep 13 '14

Lace Monitor RB M is finished. :)

Shop link

Sep 13 '14
Am I finally getting around to doing the male version?? YEAH

Am I finally getting around to doing the male version?? YEAH

Sep 13 '14



Are we allowed to charge real money for custom skins/accents?

I pulled this from the ToU: 

  1. Artists may sell their skin designs or PSD for $USD or “real-world” currency. Once the skin or design is turned into an item on-site, it is considered to be a Flight Rising item and may not be sold for $USD or “real-world” currency. (Updated 6/15/2013)

So you can charge real money for custom skins/accents, but only for the first run. If you republish, or produce a re-run of the design made, they would have to be sold for gems or treasure. 

Yeah I’ve advertised that I do customs for real $ in my thread for a while. I’ve done several and have had no problems!

Sep 12 '14

@__________@;;;;;;;;;; Now to slowly sort through this…

Sep 11 '14

I have 1 green, a handful of pinks, and a couple white manes left!

450g on AH, or message me if you want to pay 180k in treasure instead, or a mix.

Search “mane” while limiting search to spirals. :)

Sep 11 '14

I just realized these guys turned a year old 4 days ago. They share a birthday, and they’ve been a loyal pair to each other since the beginning. SO ROMANTIC.

Sep 11 '14

Dragon elders






Just heard that if you go to change your avatar from a www1. page, it lists the dragons from oldest to youngest, so:

Show me your 5 oldest dragons!


Wifi - Phaunos - Vetheais - Jeremy - Coyotl


Dwella - Magdalena - Derechasmar (custom progen) - Tunturi (random progen) - Routa


Nova - Luna (custom progen) - Zeus (random projen) - Melbourne (my friend’s dragon that I’ve had for almost a year now) - Hugo

All definitely rocking those ‘staches. ♥


Calnos (First dragon I ever bought off the AH) - Nalene (Gen1 I hatched myself) - Firewall (custom Progen) - Maegan (Random Progen) - Queen (Shhh don’t call her old, she’ll work magic against you)


Zeffie (Custom Progen) Siegfried (Random Progen) Lock (the first dragon I ever bought off the AH!) Luke (second dragon I got off the AH and mate to Sunstone), Sunstone (found as a Light egg during the first Brightshine Jubilee and mate to Luke)

Aaaah, this gives me good memories and I want to do a bit of history on my clan if I work up the mind to do it.

Armali - Habanero - Peppercorn - Caspian - Mazzy